Bodi by Beachbody

Since May of 2020, I have been working out with Beachbody, now re-branded to Bodi. Bodi is an on demand Fitness and wellness program that offers you the flexibility of working out when your schedule permits, on demand, at home or on the go. There are even interactive courses for you to choose from. Bodi has all sorts of fitness programs to meet your needs whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or advanced fitness level. There’s also nutritional products and planning tools to help you reach your health, wellness and fitness goals.


My journey has been one of ups and downs. I’ve found a love for fitness through Bodi and cannot imagine my life without it. My current favorite programs are Sure Thing, Barre Blend and MBF. My favorite products are Energize, Recover & Shakeology.

My favorite progress photo…


You can be successful with Bodi with or without the nutritional products.


I am a Beach Body Coach so feel free to ask me any questions about the programs or products. Use the link below to explore what Bodi has to offer. You can sign up for your own membership, purchase nutritional products or both through my link. Contact me on how to get the best bang for your buck if you’re looking at purchase product as well as a membership. I can send a checkout link directly to your email.