Rise Loyalty Rewards

Welcome to The Rise Loyalty Rewards! I want to reward you for shopping my small business! All are welcome to join and earn rewards on ALL purchases! You'll receive 1% back in rewards dollars on every purchase. PLUS $5 in reward points just for signing up! 

To sign up for this FREE Loyalty Program, simply log in or create an account, then click the green Shopping Bag (reward button) on the bottom right-hand side of the website and WaLa! You're in the club!

The Rise Loyalty Rewards Club also doubles as a BIRTHDAY CLUB! You'll earn $10 in rewards just for celebrating your birthday. You'll need to have signed up and entered your birthday 30 days prior to the day for it to be awarded.

Rewards points are redeemed at your leisure and do not expire at this time. Any and all Loyalty Points earned/redeemed with The Loot Loft Boutique are still valid. 

PLEASE NOTE!!! You may use your rewards points on all items in the boutique EXCEPT: Minky, Pre-Order Items, VIP Lounge, Grab Bags and Made to Order Graphic Tees. At this time the code is set up to automatically exclude these sections so you can add any and all items to your cart and the code will only apply to what is eligible. PLEASE ALSO NOTE THAT WHILE OTHER CODES CAN BE USED IN THE SAME TRANSACTION TOGETHER, THE RISE LOYALTY REWARD CODES CANNOT BE USED IN THE SAME TRANSACTION WITH ANY OTHER CODES. - PS. If you want to use your Loyalty codes in the same transaction as another code, contact me so that I can manually adjust your code. 

What are you waiting for?! Click the icon on the bottom right corner of your screen and sign in to join!